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Nutube.US is an authorized, independent distributor of the Korg Nutube.  We also design and manufacture evaluation hardware and other products for the Nutube.

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The Korg Nutube 6P1 is a newly developed, low-power directly heated dual triode vacuum tube.

It was developed by Korg, the musical instrument maker, and Noritake, a manufacturer of vacuum fluorescent displays, in Japan.

Nutube.US is now making the Nutube 6P1 available for purchase in small quantities to experimenters, DIY'ers, and small OEMs!


Nutube 6P1 Dual Triode

6P1 datasheet (PDF file)

6P1 Application Notes (on Korg Nutube web site)

FAQ (on Korg Nutube web site)

Price: $49.99 each - contact us for discounts on orders of 5 or more pieces

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Nutube Evaluation Board

Nutube.US offers a development board for evaluation of the 6P1.  It can be configured for single-supply operation form 5V to 50V, or for split supplies of +/-5V up to +/-25V.  It includes a Nutube 6P1 mounted on a carrier PCB.

Download user manual (PDF file)

Download Eagle CAD design (schematic, board, library) (ZIP archive)

Price: $179.99 each

This item is made to order.  Contact me at  to order:


Nutube Carrier PCB (unassembled)

This board provides a convenient way to mount the 6P1, either to a chassis, or to a standard 0.100" centers perfboard for easy prototyping.  This is supplied as a bare PCB without the 6P1 installed.

Download schematic and dimensions (PDF file)

Price: $5.99 each

Buy online now via the Nutube.US eBay store


Nutube Carrier PCB (assembled)

This is the carrier board shown above, with a 6P1 and pin headers (the type that mate with IC sockets) installed.  This is the same as the carrier that ships on the evaluation board, if you need an extra.

These can also be supplied with 0.025" square headers, or with no headers at all, on request.

Price: $59.99 each

Buy online now via the Nutube.US eBay store


NuHybrid DIY Headphone Amplifier (

An easy DIY headphone amplifier using the Nutube.  More details at


Nutube DIY Stereo Buffer (

A simple stereo buffer using the Nutube.  Details at